Artist Services

Artist Development/Songwriting/Composing

' Artist Development..helping you be the best YOU can be !!  N o matter what level you may be at, helping you with such things as your vocal and mic techniques, expanding your range and stage presence. If you are recording with M L E Studios development is included with your project .  We want your project to be the best it can be, so we make sure YOU are the best YOU can be !


Are you a songwriter ?  if your song needs a little extra "zing" or commercial appeal..or if you just have a few lines, a hook, or just an idea we can help you work it up to a professional level. 

We can help you design your CD artwork, distribute to digital and retail outlets, set up your website or social media stores and offer CD "short runs" where we can print and copy CD runs of 100 CD's or less for your merchandise tables, events, or other moderate CD needs.



Stvie G sings at MLE STUDIOS  How about a monitoring system where  you can watch yourself as you perform in the privacy of the studio. This helps you attain confidence in yourself and helps you develop your act  !




Ken DeGain Recording We have worked with Artists in many different locations and many different cities. We can set up webcam sessions that helps in your development through live video feed  during the times that we cannot be there in person.


Maureena performs at


Click on Maureena's Photo --->>   Maureena was labeled a "Country Singer" and wanted to change her image with an new song she wrote called "Like I Do", so we had the band wear hawaiian shirts, added sunglasses and had the drummer 'ride the crown' to give that anvil sound to give the performance the edgy sound the song needed.  Maureena immediately increased her viability to play alternate venues...We can help you through guidance and consultation also !



Artist Management/Distribution/Promotion

maureena danicarFor some Artists management, distribution or promotion deals may be offered. We have managed independent artists in several States and sometimes offer opportunities such as travel and participation in National Talent Contests and Industry Showcases. Our Artists have won many, many awards at the shows we have  been involved with.


Career Preparation/ Opportunities

Erin Marie PayneArtists develop and perform at many different levels and we feel that no matter what level you may be currently at you should have the opportunity, and the invaluable experience, of performing live or competing to the best of your abilities. To that end, we associate with music organizations that cover many levels of artist capabilities and cover many different musical genres.

Simply Marie performs at Santa Barbara Music Festival Whether you are developing or recording with us, we try to provide opportunities that help you develop, network, perform and/or meet Industry Professionals to help you...






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"I just love working with Darryl, it's awesome, he's a great producer and coach"
Nicole, Artist



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